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queenfuckingbitch: "Heyy, what's your opinion on what's going on in Palestine and why? No 'hate' lol....just want to understand your stance. Thanks x"


Hi there!

Firstly I would like to thank you for asking this question in a civilized manner.

Second, I assume you mean by recently and not since the beginning of the creation of Israel? Because that would be a different answer. But let me explain to you what has been going on since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge. 

Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization has been firing rockets and missiles (so bombs) into Israeli cities from the Gaza strip. Now this isn’t new. It’s been happening for years every since Israel withdrew out of Gaza in 2005. Thousands of rockets have landed in Israel since then, especially in a tiny town called Sderot. So Israel has decided to defend themselves and take action to destroy Hamas so that no more rockets will threaten their civilians. Because lets be honest, what country would tolerate missiles launching into it’s cities without taking action? Not one. So now Israel has launched an operation to destroy Hamas. Not Palestinians, nor civilians but Hamas. They target specifically Hamas bases of operation. But Hamas is smart. They hide weapons/attack in people’s homes, local schools, hospitals and highly populated areas where innocent civilians are and where they also use innocent Palestinians as human shields. This is why there is a high death toll in Gaza. 

Israel’s main goal is stop the terror onto it’s cites. The moment Hamas stops or is destroyed, so will Operation Protective Edge. 

Thanks for the question,

Peace & love 


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